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May 16, 2007

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So today was going pretty good at work besides the humidity. Then we took our 10 o'clock 15 minute break and they said a storm was coming through and to grab your rain gear. We get out to the imbound lot for the rail yard and grab some cars and are told we are going into hail mode as a preventative. As soon as we get in and start driving back across the plant. All hell breaks loose with the storm. i mean it was so bad all we lacked was having an actual tornado present. i mean i had 6 cars in front of me all within 25 yards, everyone with flashers and lights on and i could not see a single one of them. So i get to my cars destination and get out and it has been raing for 5 minutes and the lots are already over ankle deep in water. And to top it off.. you guessed it here comes the hail coming down in bucket fulls a little smaller than golf balls. and of course we have to keep on running for cars to take. it sucked and the hail hurt.

   Then as im driving around one corner i look off the edge and realize.. "its hailing like crazy and i have a 3 day old car sitting down in that parking lot and i can't do a thing about it." So you could say i went through Hell today with all that. But good thing was i got lunch and went out and luckily my car didnt have a scratch on it. Although we did have cars out in the back lot (10,000 something cars) and so we had to spend an extra 2 hours over searching for damaged cars to move and did end up finding alot of them.

  Oh well, Sorry to ramble on. Its just my day sucked.  Oh and after all of that it gets sunny again and hot and then gets all humid.

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Sweet !!

So Not only today did I start my new job in which i get to drive Cars off the line and out to there destination some where out into Nissan's ginormous back parking lots. That is fun getting to drive every type of car there. Its awesome!

But the better news is..  I Picked up my new car today!!

     I am now the proud driver of a 2006 3.5L SE V6 Nissan Altima!

             Oh dang is that a sweet ride!   I'll have pics up in the next day or two.

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Finally I Graduate tonight!!!!

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Finally it feels so good to be down to 21 hours of school left.. I only have one class now that we are going to do any type of school work in and it just has to do dang Physics..  I love the subject and everything, but its just getting annoying working all the time in there non stop.

 Oh well..

Yeah!  Im going to look good in the uniform one day! I cant wait to get it.

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Senior week

Senior week has been awesome!! But it feels so weird because I don't feel like I am supposed to be here now. High school went by really fast...

man this feels great though.. only 10 school days left of high school and im out of there. Although i will miss some stuff..

 Well today was The Faculty Talent show and senior picnic. That was all alot of fun and the show was awesome. I love some of those teachers.

Prom is tomorrow night and will definetely be alot of fun too. Its going to be a night to remember with all my friends and class.

Anyways I'm finishing up stuff for tomorrow and then out to find something to do.. So i'll see ya later!

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