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October 29, 2007

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guitar, singing, worship leading, music, guitar gear, Apples, photography & videography, driving around just seeing the sites, road trips, hanging out with friends and just talking, having a good laugh, hiking, going to the National Park (i live 5 minutes away). being with the family, going to SteakNShake at the wee hours of the night, um makes me sound like a loser but Halo2 on the LAN haha, looking at the stars, anything with the ocean is good, taking random naps and getting some good sleep... and NOT having an iPOD though i want one haha


Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Marc Broussard, Shane&Shane, ED CASH, Mae, JASON MORANT, Eoghan Heaslip, Charlie Hall, David Crowder Band, Tim Hughes, Delirious?, Hillsong United, MUTEMATH, Caroline Sanderson, MINDY SMITH, Patty Griffin, Nickel Creek, alison krauss, TOMMY EMMANUEL, Brad Paisley, Ryan Adams, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, Underoath, Coheed&Cambria, SHOWBREAD, Blue Merle, Coldplay, U2, AC/DC, The Who, THE ZACH INGLE EXPERIENCE, the Masses, the Fray, derek webb, IMOGEN HEAP, Leslie Dudney


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im making a anti-bracket finders club

i cant find the link to fill my bracket out =(
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At All Cost

Tonight was such a beautiful night of worshipping our Lord and Savior... thank yall who partaked in the worship. May the Lord bless the hearts of those who seek Him...

run after the Lord "at all cost"


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so it snowed alittle here in the Boro

this is just an account of my Saturday...Feb18, 2006

 so i wake up

in shock i see that snow is falling and has fallen...dontcha love over-exaggeration?

I walk down the hall of my dorm...good ole Judd Hall

i intend to get some stuff out of my car but i realize it is covered in ice and im too lazy to try to open it and i didnt want to disturb the snow on my car cause i like it so i didnt touch it

i walk to the KUC for the usual 11:30 to 12ish meeting with friends on saturday.

the only ones who attended were heather

and Kira...dont ask about the hat...

i figured id be creative with the snow and take some cool pictures and this one came out cool atleast? on my way back from the KUC

i notice this bird that is exceptionally i took a picture but i assume a bird has to do something to keep warm???

so i go to Zach's place and he's tuning

so he kept tuning...

so Zach and I decide to go downtown to a guitar store, but ran into a obstacle... the ice delayed us pretty bad not to mention it owned us also a few times haha so after a few spits on the windshield we get it done...

but we're stuck outside of the truck so i get my door open while Zach tries to pry his door open... He opens the door and realizes it somehow snowed inside his car??? so he decides to scoop it out because Zach is smart, genius Eagle Scout dude ok there wasn't that much, but i thought it was pretty hilarious... after finishing a day of shopping at overpriced guitar stores we come back to Zach's place and oreos...

watch some Paul McCartney so i needed to leave because the night had further adventures, but my time was done and my camera was dying...

i was Experienced because who isn't Experienced when hanging out with Zach Ingle??? btw Zach broke the slide he bought on sunday's practice so that means he broke two slides within a i guess that leaves him still tuning while i left?
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so its snowed alittle...

so here is the beginning of the snow... this was normal so we didnt think anything of it because it looked like a whimpy snow

wasting time away i went mudding in my front yard because were renting a house and it looks bad anyway so these are the evidences of such beauty and fun...i have a video of it on google soon i think

i think i got more mud on my car than some guys get when they go off roading...shoot

so about 4 hours later it came down alittle more

Isaac driving to drop off Holly at 1am in Wears Valley

this is Holly

good ole' icy roads MMmmm nothing Dunahoo and Izzy can't overcome

so i woke up to this on sunday and it sorta delayed me to the Boro till about 5:40ish
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In the lone hour...

in dealing with my mawmaw's cancer its been an issue from within... not an issue to ask "Why?" to God or abandon my trust in my Savior.... the issue has been what is it that the Lord has instore despite this trial in my life... How will God get the glory and honor and praises in this hard situation as my MawMaw is dying due to Stage 4 Melanoma???
I came to MTSU with not much...just knowing God was beautiful, and He has a good plan in my life and that He desires an abandoned worshipper...grasping that was hard until numerous of questions that had no answers...then, I realized the intensity of my MawMaw's situation...sitting back and realizing the magnitude of such a disastrous attack on our family. My MawMaw is a monument in the Dunahoo side of the family...she is cornerstone of the family because she has fought for justice and what is right and best for the family... i have a love for her that i cant express...the sight of seeing a petite, fragile woman who cries everytime she see's you is a humbling sight...but within her is a bold statement of what is right and a near perfect example of thankfulness and servants heart...
must i go further???
to see her falling from my life, in pain with cancer that has consumed her body and spreading rapidly now to the point of being in her brain makes me want to see her just once more to say "i love you"

this blog is everywhere i know but today at AO i heard the speaker say a beautiful thing...
"would if God purposely builds walls in your life and doesn't always open doors?" ... "would if God would rather see you fail than succeed?" .... these question seem dark to many, but i saw it as God revealing to me in saying "ITS OK, John" ... just keep pushing forward for me and find a love in me that not many do... broaden your faith in me through pushing forward despite the issues that i have placed around you because "I" ::God:: will not tempt you beyond what you can bare...

He delights in an abandoned worshipper...and thats what i desire to become

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