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guitar, singing, worship leading, music, guitar gear, Apples, photography & videography, driving around just seeing the sites, road trips, hanging out with friends and just talking, having a good laugh, hiking, going to the National Park (i live 5 minutes away). being with the family, going to SteakNShake at the wee hours of the night, um makes me sound like a loser but Halo2 on the LAN haha, looking at the stars, anything with the ocean is good, taking random naps and getting some good sleep... and NOT having an iPOD though i want one haha


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United @ 7:22... a lesson learned from God

so Hillsong United lead the worship @ 7:22 in Atlanta... i didn't know what to expect, but i have been waiting for about 4 years to see them so finally i was able to see them and this time it was FREE so how could this work any better?
so on the way me, isaac, and amanda heath stopped by my grandparents house (the house i was raised in Atlanta, Ga since my parents sold it to my Uncle Ricky/Grandparents) and it was good to see them again and introduce them to some of my friends.
then we headed to NPCC to 7:22.

we get to the church and waited for like 45minutes for the doors to open...of course there was a flood for seats and we didnt get any seats so we stood the entire time because i did not drive from TN to get put in the overflow room to watch United on an HD screen haha...

so it all starts and i was standing there thinking God what is it that you want to show me? because i knew there was a purpose in it all beside me wanting to United...
1. so it was one of those things where i just stood still while they played and lead standing still i was able to see the various styles of worship of those around me. with various of cultures, denominations, and people brings about various types of worship...i thought this was so beautiful because our God is a diverse God. He is not linear in time, blessings, or existence...

2. Joel Houston (one of the leaders of United) began to speak in between songs and just shared his heart... in one his overflows of conversation he said so many times as christian we focus on intimacy with our Father and prioritize worship BUT we lack justice...then he stated "worship and justice go hand in hand"...
explaining justice as simple as the commandment to love others and to live a life loving those who are hurting and destitute and in need... this really hit me because i realized my focus has been on worship so much i have lacked love and it has been an imbalance..

3. later, Phil Dooley (Hillsong youth/singles minister) began to speak about the ministry that God has been working in @ Australia and he said something that really struck me hard... he said so many of us focus on being "a generation that has a passion and sees the greatness of his fame"...he then said this is vital yes BUT the only way our generation can be successful is to be biblically literate...if we do not know the word and seek our Father then how effective is a christian without fruit?

so these things really stuck out for me in the trip to was worth every bit of it...just a good time to chill with my bro Isaac and friend yeah
Thank You God

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God looking in on our Worship

When worshipping, try to imagine Jesus walking among us... listening to each of us with one of those stethoscopes that doctors use that filter out all the noise and AMPLIFY the heart...BUT Jesus doesn’t put his stethoscope away when the singing finishes on a Sunday or Wednsday night. He’s listening to the sound of the heart at work on Tuesday morning; he’s listening to the sound of the heart when we’re out with our friends on a Friday night. He's listening to the heart when your in that class that lasts forever. He listens to our heart when we are alone in the stillness or loudness as you read this now. He listens to the heart constantly as we should be in constant long after any songs you sing come to an end, the sound that continues to echo around the throne room in heaven is the sound of your heart.
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Church NEEDS worship leaders NOT songleaders...

today in our church we have too many songleaders and not enough worship leaders...difference is a worship leader seeks God and desires to know what He is doing and following that...but a songleader plows through the song not even thinking about much else...
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a worshipful heart

I once heard a story where a worship leader heard a sound that blew him away. It was during a large worship celebration: one song had just ended… The instruments died out, the crowd grew silent. Suddenly the only noise in the place was a loud, out of tune groan coming from the front row. He looked for the source of the sound and saw a woman with tears streaming down her face, her arms stretched out to heaven, just pouring her heart out to God. This worshipper was deaf and had no idea that the rest of us had stopped singing and were now looking at her. She was just going for it, expressing an uncontainable passion for Jesus, which echoed around the meeting place.

To be honest, it was not the most musical sound he ever heard. But strangely, it was among the most beautiful: they were listening to the sound of her heart. A few seconds later, her friend nudged her in the side and she stopped. That moment has remained burned on my memory because it reminded him of a principle that is core to our theology of worship: God listens to the sound of the heart.
“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Prov 4:23).

To God, the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart: God looks at our hearts (1 Sam 16:7), searching us (Jer 17:10), probing and testing every motive and attitude. He knows what’s going on in them (Luke 16:15), has set eternity in them (Ecc 3:11) and created them as the place of interface with him.

There is good reason for this: whatever has our heart’s affection instantly has our worship (Matt 6:21). The common understanding in both the Old and New Testaments was that the ‘heart’ was the control centre of a person’s being: all yours mind, ideas, thoughts, motives and decisions flowed from here. It is with our hearts that we look for God (Deut 4:29), love God (Deut 6:5), serve God (Josh 22:5), meditate on him (Ps 19:14), hang onto his word (Ps 119:11), trust in him (Pr 3:5), do the will of God (Eph 6:6), love others (1 Pet 1:22) and pour out our worship to God (Ps 62:8).
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1 Chronicles 29:11
Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the
majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours.
Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all.

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