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March 18, 2008

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Old Friends

Got an instant message last night from an OLD OLD friend.  Its always so strange catching up.  Awkward saying all the things that have changed. 

Scared about what they'll say when they realize that you aren't the same person that you were when the two of you saw each other last.

But then there is still the bond that will always be there no matter how different things are at present...

I love stuff like this.

then i hate it.  Hate how we fall out of the relationships we have with our friends.  Its best if there is a fight or something and it ends.. At least that is closure.  But when it just ends and neither party knows why or what happened.   I hate that.  Soo soo much. 

So keep your friendships everyone.  Dont let people drift away.  One day you'll need them.  And theyll prolly need you too sooner or later. 

HOld on for life,  because when crisis hits you'll want some one there to help you with the life boat.

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The July Birthdays.

So we've all been to killer parties.  We are high school students afterall.

But for me, the best parties have always happend to take place in my bedroom. ( no this is not a sexual statement).   Thats right.  206 Dill Ln, the room at the end of the hall.  with the purple satin bed spread and a bottle of something or other.  Whether its white zinfandel, skol, beer, tequilla, or bacardi.   I cant say how many times we've lived it up in that room.  Me, Christian, my sister, Matt Juan, Stacie, Kathryn, Josef, and i've prolly left some out.  we've all been there.. and we've all done that.  and we dont even have to leave the bedroom  . 

So last night Christian, K Souf, and I  topped them all.

those are only a few... the ones that aren't too embarrassing

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So yesterday coming home from church.. ( i kno right?)  My mother did the whole:  "YOu know that you can talk to me right?  I m here if you ever have any problems."

my reply: "I kno that mom.  we always talk?"  thinking wtf?

mom:"You and Santini are careful not to do more than kissing aren't you?"

OOOOOHHH... Thats where she is going.  Hearing things like this come out of my mothers mouth always makes me a bit uncomfortable.  She is the woman who asked my brother Mathew what "skeet" was.  There isn't anything Taboo to her. 

i just said "of course"  ;)

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The summers almost gone

So seems like summer goes faster now that we're older.  I guess its cause we actually have things to do now instead of just sitting around or playing outside all day. 

Christian and I have been hanging out again.  Its weird, just like  a bad habit we find each other again and again.  And im glad.  I've written this story a 1000 times and over already, so i wont go into it.

so i'm gone to live up the REST of my summer..

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San's Birthday

Yesterday was Santini's Bday so we got a bunch of people together for lunch at Chef Wangs. 

  It was a fun day.  So if you haven't said happy 17th to him yet.  You def should.

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