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March 18, 2008

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i hate church. hate hate hate.

some one shoot me please. I would rather be hanging upside down by my heals over a cliff with those red things fromt the village clawing at me ...
than be in church.
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After School

So everyday after school.  i get home and then go straight to the kitchen=.  Today's victem is Ramen noodles.

I attempted cleaning my room, but that just didn't happen.  I always go in there to clean and just end up sleeping or playing with the kitten.  I turn some music on and get only as far as making my bed before i lay down on it and waste away hours that could be spent on homework and such. 

My plan for this year was to get a job  and the other part was on days taht i didn';t work .  to go to the Ymca and get that hour of excercise those experts are always talking about.   But the thing is, driving across town costs approxematley $10 now days so that part of the plan sort of bombed.

So then after i waste a c ouple of hours.  I always hang out with San for  a couple of more,  i then proceed to shower and then go to sleep.

this never changing scedual is killing me.

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Read a story one time ( well it was really a novel, i m just telling a quick story from it :) )   of a girl.  Lets name her Jane. 

Jane was a wealthy young succesful newspaper woman.  SHe loved naked statues.  Thought they were magnificant..  One day she read of a statue.  Very old, very beautiful.. but its whereabouts were unknown.  She spents thousands of dollars to have it found.  

When she finally had it in her apartment she uncovered it and stood and stared at the life sized statue of a perfectly formed man.  She stared for hours.  Never looking away.

When she did finally take her eyes from the statue.  She took it and pushed it down the ventalation shaft of her apartment building. 

 it hit the paved ground and shattered.

She claimed it would be worthless to her if anyone else every laid eyes on it.

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So my sister is home as of monday around 11:30 am.  So strange that it doesn't even feel like she was gone.  I missed her so much while she was away and now that she is here its as though she has been all along. 

i kno talking about hree bores effing everyone so i wont do it.  Cause thats usually all i do?   Im obsessive,  shoot me.

so im  crash reading into Dorian Gray.  Its my second time around with this Oscar Wilde Classic.  The first time i was simply intriqued with the story.  This time, im on about page 13 and it seems like a completely different book than the one i read 3 years ago. 

" I like persons more than principles.  Even better are persons with no principles at all."   

this book was written for me.

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