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March 18, 2008

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ah.. the newest tragedies.

I hate how things develope. What i think/expect to happen, well it doesn't. this is something that iritates me endlessly.

I step out on a limb and am quickly hurled down to the knotty rooted dirty ground. ALl humbled, im thinking what the fuck just happened. I was 96.7% certain that that particular branch would hold me. and those are good odds. But as if snapping in two and dropping me , i'd give it a good 13 feet, wasn't enough. I also have to be clunked in the head with, alas another branch, putting me in my place completely. I never thought my ego was that big, and i assure not only you but myself (again) that it isn't. So why did i think this particular branch wouldn't snap? Or maybe i knew it would snap, and just didn't want to let the oppertunity of having it maybe not split, which could have led to an even greater view of the vast horizon of life i was dreaming/gazing on. The cruel interworkings of nature, they leave me not only blushed, but shame faced as well.

It is good for me. REALLY good for. Its good not to get what you want every now and again.

Do what you like. ANd fuck the rest.
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it was an ok 3 day weekend. Kind of disapointed it wasn't fabulous... but still worth being out of school. That martin luther king jr. HE did something right.

My dad was watching sports center or something of the sort. it was 2 black guys and one white guy. The two black men were talking about what Martin Luther King stood for to them... The white male said nothing... i found this amusing. I chuckled.. I know i know beat me with a stick, i'm being disrespectful.

i haven't talked to my sister in over a week. She is probably upset with me. ahh well...

got to do my c ollege stuff tomorrow night finally... I sent in my fasfa but not my applic ations... times a ticking.

also i still cant wait for model un. I seriously am not sleepin g because i'd rather be up researching the country of dennmark and how they feel about sustainable growth in central Asia.. I am so wired. Today Josef and i hit up Bargain center for UN Attire... that wen t fairly well.. although we bought nothing..


guten nacht freunden
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GPS look out

You are looking at:

"Jennifer Luhrs, Dennmark" EconFin delegate for the 2007 Model UN conference at UTK.

no, i'm not a Prepatory dyke or a power lesbian, but this year im going to bring it.

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Beks and i hit the dance floor last night. Super super fun.

I nbever realized how much trash we hadin middle tennessee.. What i saw last night was unbelievable. disgusting.. Girl;s grinding on girls dressed in nothing. People having sex on couches.

It makes me wonder what kind of places these girls grew up in.. and what theirself esteem level s are at. i would be curious to know.

The second a female even touches the dance floor about 6 trashy guys swarm.. They put their hands on you, as though they have some sort of claim to you. And the dignified girls in turn work their way away from the dance floor. The skank ones will grind on anything..
This is why men have such a degrading oppinion of women. We give it to them, through our behaviors.

So Beks and i stuck to the deserted disco floor. and danced the night away with the few cool dancers that passed our way.
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once upan a winter
it seemed so long ago
my one and only love and i
fell down apon the snow
and as the dusk was falling
from a grey and goose down sky
we heard the old cathedral bells
ring out a lullaby.
snow angel snow angel.
someday im gona fly
this cold and broken heart of mine will someday wave goodbye.
good bye to this cuel wicked world and all the tears i've cried
sbow angel snow angel ill meet you in the sky.

the rumors of the distant war
called my true love's name
he packed his leather suitcase
and spoke no word of blame
we walked a while together
i tried to hide my frea
he told me not to be afriad and whispered in my ear
snow angel snow angel, some day im gonna fly
this cold and broken heart o f mine would someday wave goodby
goodbye to this cruel wicked world and all the tears i've cried
snow angel snow angel ill meet you in sky

they brought my love home from the war
in a cart pulled by white mules
the christmas bells rang out that day
oblivious as fools
and as the snow began to fall
i kissed his frozen face
they told me in his woolen coat
his last few words were pplaced.

snow angel snow angel........ill meet you in the sky.
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