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September 27, 2009

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Don't really have a catchy title...

Well, the weekend was good, did absolutely nothing after my Governor's School interview, which went well. I will know in about a month if I got in or not, so until then I just have to be patient. The week, though, has not been so good. Monday I just sat around and played Final Fantasy VIII (yes, I am a geek). I got a big ole lecture from my mom, about how I have to change to make others happy when I could not be more miserable, which of course I thought to myself *Mom, you have no idea...* but like the good young son I kept it all inside waiting for another day to explode. Say La Vi... Why do other people always want something from me? Well, I guess that is not really fair to say about everyone but it seems like it. Dad was really pissed off at me after the argument with mom, can't really blame him, after all I get the protective gene from him. House was hilarious like normal, so that made me hapy for awhile, but my mom seemed happy with the "progress" she made. Basically, she wants me to not talk about how I feel and be a "yes, ma'am" or "no, ma'am" kind of attitude. Well, I feel a little bit better... venting is good...

Oh, I have a fencing competition this weekend!! Yay! I am going to win, I've decided. LoL I am doing Sabre and Foil, my two best weapons so I think I am insured a spot in the top three. Well, I guess that is all. TtYl

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Chinese Food

This week so far has been okay except for the brief moments that it completely sucked, but I think it is getting better or at least I am going to make it better. It was my dad's birthday yesterday, but we went out to eat on Sunday at The Daily Buffet, which was twice for me in three days. This weekend is going to be crazy, well, at least the beginning of it it will be. I still have two art things that I have to do! AHH!! Well, I better do something productive....

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Well, Saturday I've labeled as a "good day". I feel very good when I am productive, which is probably why yesterday sucked; I was completely lazy and mildly depressed. This Saturday I have my interview for Governor's School, so PRAY FOR ME!!! Next Saturday is Oakland's Military Ball which will be fun. I have to get a haircut sometime this week before Thurday.... Well, I guess that is about it! Talk to Everyone Later!!
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Today was a very productive day. I got up, did my daily hygen routine, ate breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, swept and washed the kitchen floor, finished scetching my painting, painted the best picture I have ever created, ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen again, put the finishing touches on my painting, watched Walking Tall with my parents, cleaned my room, vacuumed my room, took a shower, checked my email, and now I am writing an entry on what I did today. LoL Wow, that is a lot of things and I LOVE my painting! I am proud of it. I am hoping my sister will take a picture of in so I can put it up here. Well, talk to everyone later. Hope everyone had a good and productive day. LoL

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What's that noise in the Kitchen...Oops... I Overslept...

Yeeah, I overslept but I feel really good. I hope today is a good day because I feel great, and I think I am due for a good day.

I woke up  because there was someone making noises in the kitchen and I wondered what was dad doing? I opened my eyes and realized that it was at 6:40 am!!! I normally get up at 5:30 am in order to take a shower and what not, but I didn't rush this morning to get ready because I hate my early day class.

Well, better get to school... LoL

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