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September 27, 2009

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Fencing, Hiking, Rappelling, Visual Arts, Photography, JROTC


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The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Through the Ice, Demon Awakens, The Bible, The Giver, Blood Kin, The Vampire Papers, A Spell For Chameleon

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I am going through some pretty rough times right now with my family, the corps, and my future, and I could use some serious prayer-age right now everyone. Keep me in your prayers, please.

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I reckon it is time for an update!

Life has been busy as alway, now. I am finally getting the hang of this BNCO thing. Reeves Rogers was a blast. JROTC ran the MASH tent. All the little kids had a great time getting dressed up in sheets and fake blood. I was told once again that I will make a good father (wtf?!?!) but i just truly don't feel all that comfortable around little ones. I was also told once again that I will make a good husband some day... ice-cube chance in hell? I have not had time to actually do anything for just me in awhile but that is I guess okay considering it keeps me busy anyways. This weekend I have to basically house sit with an old air force pilot so I think that might be fun....

Finally, JROTC is selling candles. Yes, candles and you all must by them from me! I have bet that if I can sell more candles than my entire class they will have to do PT from hell, but if I loose..... I have to dress up like a girl make-up and all for the whole day.... Yeah.... SSOOoo, keep Michael out of a dress and buy some great smelling candles!!!!

P.S. for those who think I have to see thing, I do not look sexy in a dress... or make-up... and I am sure there will be lots of pictures if it does happen.... BUT IT WON'T CAUSE I GOT A SECRET WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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Just an Update

Wow, so yeah, school has gone by really fast. It is already the 4th week of the 1st sixweeks and I am already stressed to the point of not sleeping, which makes me cranky (Sorry, Everyone!). JROTC has of course consumed my life but I still manage time for art and English outside of school. I rarely have free time but I am putting my hat back into the dating circle. Yes, that is right, after a little over two months Michael Thoe is going back into the ring for another round. I am a little excited about getting back out there. I probably will take her out to coffee sometime this weekend.

Also this weekend, I am going to go out to coffee again with a college Professor who actually substituted for my art teacher on Wednesday. He is an extremely cool guy and has a Phd in Philosphy of the Humanities or something like that. It is amazing on what he knows and seems like a really neat guy; someone who can tell a good tale or two.

To top off the coolness, I am escorting the ever stylish Trish Fusco for homecoming. I am sure to have a great time with Trish and everyone. Tomorrow night, I am running parking detail at Oakland's Home Football Game. Alright, Ttyl!

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Buzzfest 06

Buzzfest was a freakin' blast!!! I HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN! BREAKING BENJAMIN PLAYED ALL OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVEN THE ONES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ON ALBUMS!!!!! All the other bands were okay, but I kind of lost interest in them after Breaking Benjamin left. I walk 14.88 miles! My legs feel like they are about to fall off. I saw a lot of people there including: Tony (a guy Callie and her friends hung out with) and Elizabeth, Cory Harper, Katrina, Sara Guilbert and her crew, Matt (an old friend from 7th grade), Brent Carpenetti and his girlfriend, and finally, the ever beautiful Christina Smith. I hung out with them all for at least a little bit. I bought a shirt but I think it is made for a girl... Maybe there is a hidden side to Michael Thoe that no one knew.... NOT!!! Well, actually there is but not that kind of side... Anyways, I am so frickin' tired, so talk to everyone later.
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Here, Voice! Come On, Boy!

So yeah... I have lost my voice... can't find it anywhere. I think I just have a cold that was triggered by stress, which is okay because I love stress but the effects are bad. Yeah, I was feeling kinda bad today and sure enough, in the middle of interviewing cadets for the new Platoon Sergeant position, I lost my voice and sounded like the God-Father. Yet, it made everyone laugh, so that was good.

The ever wonderful Trish Fusco has agreed to dye my hair. What color? I will leave that up to her.

School is going great, I like all my classes but is it just me or are there even more females at Oakland this year? All my classes seems to be dominated by females. Two of my classes there are only like two or three guys in there including me! It is kinda weird...

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