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September 27, 2009

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Fencing, Hiking, Rappelling, Visual Arts, Photography, JROTC


Creed, Lacuna Coil, 3 Doors Down, Goo Goo Dolls, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Scott Stapp, Theory Of A Deadman, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin


The 13th Warrior, King Arthur, American Werewolf in Paris, Beverly Hills Ninja, Tommy Boy, A Knight's Tale, BraveHeart, Walking Tall, Constintine, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats, Dogma, Old School, Unleashed, A History Of Violence, Last Samurai, Escanaba In Da Moonlight, The Rundown, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, The Perfect Score, The Man In The Iron Mask, The Transporter, Tristan and Isolde


The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Through the Ice, Demon Awakens, The Bible, The Giver, Blood Kin, The Vampire Papers, A Spell For Chameleon

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AH-HA! So that is what that button does! ... Oops!

Well, so I basically have got the handle on this thing. Today was heck, too much JROTC stuff, and on top of that I got in trouble for being insubordinate and swearing in uniform. Say La Vi, or some French thing like that; anyways, it means that\'s just life. I have a lot more to say, but people normally don\'t read LOONG posts. So, I will save the rest for another time. LoL Some funny stuff, too!
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Where is the steering wheel????

So, umm, yeah... Anyways, I got this to upload pictures onto my xanga background.... the question is... how do you work this thing??? *pushes random buttons* ....*beep*...Uh-oh.... this can\'t be good...

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