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February 25, 2007

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Music, bacce, billards, COFFEE, languages and cultures, some goldfish named Ludwig Van Goldfish and D'mitri Shostakofish, musicals, soy sauce, horns commonly known as french, chamber music, symphony orchestras, opera, coke products, iPods, ramen noodles, Canada and Argentina.


Classical: Mahler, Mozart, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Hindemith, Prokofiev, Ravel, Strauss in all forms, Rossini, Stravinsky, Schumann, Schubert, Barber, Satie, Gabrieli, Mussorgsky, Bernstein, Gershwin, Handel, Williams, Brahms, Bach, Horner, Holst, Bizet, Whitacre, D'vorak, Grieg, Debusssy, Orff, Saint-Saens, Bartok, Copland, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Josh Groban more...
Rock: Coldplay, Beatles, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Maroon 5, among others.


RENT, Moulin Rouge, Fantasia (hehe), Koyaniskotsi, E.T....omg, I LOVE E.T.! Happy Feet, Star Wars, got'a like that. And Lord of the Rings. Can't forget Pirates!!! I really only go watch movies that I know will have good sound tracks. Red Violin is good tood. I listen to sound tracks all the time. Got'a love John Williams! Spider Man, X-Men, Schindler's List


I don't really read...but Shakespeare is always good.

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So last night at home it said that my account was not here anymore...yet here it is? I\'m so confused...oh well.
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Trey (my neighbor) is a loser.
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So Rachel and I are sitting here talking about that Emily Rose movie, has anyone else seen it? What did you think? I\'m pretty sure we both liked it.
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Laying in grass is fun until you start to itch.

My sister believes that I will get shot one day.
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Why don\'t I spend this much time on xanga? More people read my xanga...

STRAWBERRY DIAQUIRI FLAVORED BEVERAGE, with a blend of aloe vera and vitamins.
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