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November 22, 2005

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Hanging out with friends and worshiping God


country, christian, and umm....yeah rap


Snow White, Aladdian, and After the Sunset


When God Writes Your Love Story, anything by Sandra Brown

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Last Night

was movie night at my house..That was fun.

Jason: did you put batteries in it?

me: oh, no, i didnt know i needed them...

Jason\'s face was priceless along with everyone else...

I can be so blonde sometimes....Anyways we watched After The Sunset. that movie is awesome....actually now after seeing it twice it\'s becoming one of my favorites...The first time i saw it was......interesting to say the least but it was still fun, a lot more fun than i thought possible. then last night it was really good to watch it with some of my best friends..rach,whit, alex, and jason... The lil birdie in the garage was funny too... my mom was freaking out bc there was a baby bird in the garage and alex came to the rescue.... \"what do you want me to get it out with \" whitney-\" here use this!\" everyone-\"thats a cup\"..but it did work.....alex-\"it wont stop looking at me\" haha......i guess you woulda just have had to be here for all our lil laughs last night. It was awesomely amazing cept for about 20 mins when i got really mad/sad/angry..just plain emotional..but it wasnt anyones fault that was here....

Well I got a job and I start on Monday...I\'m excitied! I\'m going to be a waitress..Thanks Meag! I\'m also gettin my hair dyed today and im happy bout that...cant wait to be red with heavy blonde highlights again! then dinner tonight with Keri and maybe Bre...should be fun!!!!! Leave some Love guys! *MUAH*
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