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November 22, 2005

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My Super Duper Busy Life

Lets see...update on my life..worked all weekend and prolly about to start another job so i\'ll be working two in like two weeks....its gonna be all good tho....For everyone who is curious and keeps asking *hu hum* is Nic... Meagan got to meet him tonight and she liked thats really good.... me and him got to have a serious talk tonight too for a few mins and i\'m so glad we did....i\'m so glad hes honest bc thats one thing i ABSOLUTELY cannot deal with, is if a guy isnt honest and upfront with me about everything....I mean like how in the heck is a relationship of ANY kind especially with the opposite sex supposed to work if honesty isnt there??? ummm DUH...IT CANT!!!!!

then me and meag were talking when we were on our way to DJ\'s house...havent seen him in like 3 yrs so that was fun! gosh how i miss him and all his sarcastic remarks... anyways me and meag were talking and we both just really need a guy that will tell us NO. I mean like we\'re so use to being spoiled bc i honestly have been my entire life and i\'m so use to gettin everything i want all the time that i really need someone who will tell me no....who is like no we\'re gonna do what i wanna do tonight..ya know just the lil things like that...and i also have so much more respect for a guy who will tell me no than a guy who jus does whatever i want to make me happy... bc it makes me like oh my gosh, he really cares about me bc hes not lettin me walk all over him and i dont have him whipped so i actually have to put some effort and work into this relationship to make it work...

so yeah i absolutely cannot wait until im off work tomorrow night when me and meag and dj and his friend blake are gonna go hot tubbin and jus chill all night then spend the night at memes..well me and meag, dj and blake will stay at djs.....

also going to lunch with katie psyched about that...FINALLY!!!! its been so long since we\'ve been trying for this and its finally gonna happen!!! YAY!!!!
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Amazing Night!

WOW! thats the only way I know how to describe my night. it was so awesomely amazing! i went to church and then jamie and whitney and rachel were SUPPOSED to go with me to *hu hum*\'s house to chill and watch movies....they all 3 bailed on that left just me and him.we watched the notebook and it was so much fun...\"Lighten up and smile\" \"when your smiling its so much nicer\". awww jus the way he talks to me is like unexplainable! it so great.. and he met my mom tonight and obivously she liked him or she wouldnt have been like have fun and jus dont be late, which I came home at midnight and she didnt say a word. im so glad to bc the one BIG thing I learned tonight is DONT BE JUDGEMENTAL! DONT JUDGE SOMEONE BEFORE YOU KNOW THEM, LET ALONE BEFORE YOU TALK TO THEM!!!!! thats something I did with this person thru high school and now I wish I hadnt. I cant change the past with him but I can sure as heck change the future and I plan to do jus that!!!
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I\'m finally home! Hawaii was so much fun...The flights seemed like they lasted forver tho! I have a ton of pics and i\'m gonna put some on here hopefully later today... The most beautiful beach I\'ve ever seen in my life was there and I wanna get married at this absolutely beautiful chruch in Honolulu....there was this wedding there on thursday when we saw it and we got to go in it when the wedding was over and oh my gosh it was so pretty.. it\'s in the middle of downtown and it was built in the 1800s.. and it was just so pretty..then sunset beach.....cannot even be described in was amazing! the water was so clear and we saw dolphins and whales playing way out in the water...just wonderful afternoon/night there on that beautiful beach... its gonna be awhile before i get the sunset beach pics up because we still have pics on that camera left but they will be up as soon as they are developed bc they are awesome! then i also got to talk to this person while i was gone and he really got me thinking about a lot of things...especially when i was in the airport about to leave honolulu on saturday night when it was like 2 in the mornin here and only 9 at night there where i was but we talked for like an hour! it was weird but amazing all in like a natural i care kinda way! its hard to describe but it just made me feel like wow, maybe this is what you should be doing, maybe this is what is supposed to bad he\'s leaving day after tomorrow for a month...and wont be back until our birthdays, which are only a day apart... oh well, i think i can get thru that month, with all my girls here and then working will be rough but i know i can handle it...
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Busyiness (is that even a word??)

Yesterday I went to the Toby Mac brown bag concert with Rachel, Alex, Jason, Amy, Aimee. It was fun....Then we went to the mall...I found the cutest swimsuit to take to Hawaii with me...I\'ve been really busy in the past like 2 weeks..I started my new job last week and worked 4 days and then this week I only work 3 days but I\'m TRYING to get all my stuff together to go to Hawaii..I leave on Sunday...I\'m so excitied!!!
The 4th was fun too..I went to MTSU with Lauren and her mom and dad and grandparents and then Alex came too... So we all watched to fireworks together, which were really good by the way... Hope everyone else had a safe, fun holiday..
Now I\'ve got some laundry to do as well as organizing for this trip that I\'m so unprepared for but EXCITIED!!!!
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I\'m officially an MTSU student. i went to customs yesterday and this was boring but i met Ashley and shes really we hung out like all day yesterday basically and then all this morning too! shes really sweet! so between the two of us we had a blast at customs! our group was really weird we stayed together and were EXTRA antisocial from our entire group cept our SOA. she was really cool. i\'m so excitied about my new job which I start on Monday...then also on friday i\'m babysittin like all the morning/early afternoon, 2 lil boys (2 and 6 yrs old) then friday night a lil baby (10 months old) and he is so adorable! His name is Nolan and hes a cutie! so now my mom should be happy bc im babysittin as well as working and i got all my classes figured if i can just make up my mind for a definite major, everything will be all set!
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