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April 02, 2010

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I love the usual stuff like hanging out, going to star bucks, watching movies, i'm a freshman at Pensacola Christian College as a music ministries major, i love to read books and peotry, i love quotes, i love laughing and cutting up... i love life! and the thing i love most about it is my AmAzInG Savior, Jesus Christ. life would be hopeless w/out HIM!


Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, The David Crowder Band, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rascal Flatts, Building 429


Sleeping Beauty, Napoleon Dynamite, The Ring


Boy Meets Girl, Every Young Woman's Battle

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meditating on a thought

okay... so this is random... but there's a quote going through my head from school... a guy in my speech class used it... and it's stuck

"Two things testify about you. your talk talks and your walk talks. BUT your walk talks louder than your talk talks."

lol... kinda sounds crazy... but if you think about it... it makes sense.

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*so i was at church the other night... and for some strange reason i was reading the bulitin (strange... b/c everyone at church knows that i always politely take one... but never actually open it)... and i was reading over the prayer list... and i saw my name! which was also strange... it was a request to pray for my freshman year... i thought that was sooo sweet.... that my church family loved me enough to put me on the list... and then it hit me... their prayers for this last semester were answered... b/c all that i got accomplished sooo wasn't me... and the fact that i wasn't home sick... and how much God really blessed me... God blessed me soo much and gave me all kinds of grace... mainly for the reason that people prayed for me. awe!!! that really choked me up! ahh! it's soo awesome!

*thought for the day... "For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." (Romans 8:6) this was in my devos today... and i really made me think about how as Christians.. when we focus on the world... and we focus on material things... or we lust after what we don't have... it kills us spiritually... but when we focus on the things that can't be touched... when we seek to serve those around us... and just seek after spiritual things insted of worldly things... we become spiritaully alive... and we find the peace. how awesome is that? and it just made me take a step back... and think about all the things that just kill me spiritually. it was really just a good heart check for me... so i thought i'd share it with you guys... maybe it means nothing to you... but maybe it's something you need to hear to. anyways... it's late. night guys! ~Hope

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i'm feeling so rushed in the love department. lol. i mean... at the biginning of the semester my sister and my mom were both calling me night and day trying to find out if i had any dates yet. lol. (maybe not night and day... but pretty close). yeah... i had a few dates... but no one of interest... so toward the end of the semester my sister sets me up on a blind date... and now she's talking about setting me up on another one. my brother won't leave me alone about the first one... and my brother-in-law interegates me all the time. i guess the deal is... both my parents and my sister & bro-in-law have found something so wonderful... that they can't wait for me to find it too. and i think that's awesome... but i'll find is when God brings it my way. i don't even want to focus on it so much... i have so much more going on right now... i have so much i want to be doing. how can i pour myself into all of it if i'm sitting around moping about what i don't have?.... i already have soo much. i'm afraid that all that God has planned for my semester (or even year)... all the things He wants me to learn... and ways He wants me to grow... all the friends i'm supposed to make (guys and girls)... will just go over my head.. b/c i wasn't looking for them. if the right guy comes along this year... awesome. but i'm going to leave that one up to God. He knows what He's doing. He knows the beginning... and the end :) ~Hopes
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I've heard a tale that a man would climb a mountain
Just to be with the one he loves.
How many times has he broken that promise?
It has never been done
Well I never climbed the highest mountain,
but I walked the hill of calvary

And just to be with you I'd do anything,
there's no price I would not pay, no
Just to be with you I would give everything.
I would give my life away.

I've heard it said that a man would swim an ocean
Just to be with the one he loves.
But all of those dreams are an empty emotion
It can never be done.
Well I never swam the deepest ocean
But I walked upon the raging sea

And just to be with you I'd do anything,
there's no price I would not pay, no
and just to be with you I would give everything.
I would give my life away.

And I know that you don't understand the fullness of my love
How I died upon the Cross for your sin
And I know that you don't realize how much that I give you
And I promise I would do it all again

Just to be with you I've done everything
There's no price I did not pay, no
Just to be with you I gave everything
Yes I gave my life away.

Just to be with you
Oh, just to be with you

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welcome to 2006... come on in

**so... i'm looking back over the past year... and realize i'm not the same. and i'm glad. i think it would be sad if i was the same. i want to grow! i want to change... i want to become more like Christ... and i know that i fall soo short of that... and i always will... but "if you shoot for nothing, you'll hit it every time"

**i look back and see all the blessings i was given this past year. all the friends that have been placed in my life... i keep replaying the night me and Am just sat in her car for an hour and a half... talking about everything on our hearts... i think of the day i found out that Whitney was going to PCC too. i think about graduation. i think about my last visit to camp. i think about my first day at PCC. i can't forget how alone i felt at first... and how quickly that passed. i think about the day my no-dating commitment ended... and how my suite all made it special. i think about going on my dating outing w/ some random guy that my roomates found at the soccer game the night before :) (now i have a story to tell all my freshmen in the future. hehe) i think about mid-terms. i think about Chels standing in the middle of the room screaming that we pull tighter and zip her into the formal that she's determined to zip. lol... and how she ended up wearing something else. haha. i think about my blind lunch date that my sis set me up on... and how i was shocked that he was really cool. i think about finals... and how God totally took care of it. i think about my last breakfast on campus w/ Mitchell (my best guy friend)... and i laugh about how he went from 8 to 90 demerits in one week. haha. i also think of all the times God totally guided me... He was there w/ me all the way... and i see how blessed i truely was in 2005... now i'm trusting that God has so much more instore for 2006

**this next year i really just want to focus more on ministering to others... and not myself. i want quite making excusses and go on Christian service... i want to serve those around me more... i know i must have been a terrible roomate... but anyways.. i'm gonna go. night, kiddos. ~Hope

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