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April 20, 2007

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cars, girls, and uh having fun


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y does life hav to hav so much bull crap? it sucks. wow im pissed.
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life i ges

well hey guys, i think im getting the hng of this thing. i just dont know how to change the background and add music yet. ill figure it out though. well everythings good i ges. school is ok. baseball is going good. there is one girl that i just met and i am really wanting to get to know better. so maybe that will happen. but who knows. well thats it i ges. leave me some. later-forrest
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Photo From what?im6ft5?

photo from what?im6ft5?

photo from ErikaGtn

how come lately i hav felt so empty inside? it doesnt feel good at all.
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i have no idea

well just started this thing. im not exactly sure how to use it yet. but ill figure it out sometime. well leave me some. later
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