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April 20, 2007

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Its just not fair

i hav been thinking about this a lot lately. and i hav realized that i really like someone. but that fact that it cant happen just makes me like them even more. someone please tell me u know how that feels.....
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From bad to good.....

well this christmas break has had its ups and downs. i had surgery the first day of break so i was layed up for a few days. but some of my friends came over and kept me company. then the second week of break turned out to be pretty sucky for a while. me and a friend were in a fight i ges u could say. but then yesterday morning i called them up and went to their house and we got it all worked out. so now the last few days of break are going to be pretty good. wow this is the longest entry i hav written so far lol. ill talk to yall later-forrest
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everything is getting a little better. i hav a group of the best friends in the world. and i hav god to worship. so i mean really how bad could things be? well i ges thats about it. ill see yall later-forrest
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im not sure anymore...

i need to saysomething and get it out there.

lately i... hav felt like wat i do is never good enough. it just seems like there is always someone standing there ready to knock me down again. please dont feel like i want sympathy this isnt y im doing this. i know this isnt true but it seems that everywhere i go i feel very unwanted. i feel like im not meant to be anywhere. and i dont know y this is. i know i hav friends and family who care about me but i ges that my stubberness is getting to me. idk? all i know is that it sucks to feel this way. i feel like too many people are asking to much of me. i try to put on a good face around other people because... i ges i hate people seeing me like this. me being depressed or wat ever makes the people that im around depressed because i rub off on them. and i hate seeing people like that. im just really confused right now. so if u could just pray for me so that everything works out like god wants it to. and if u could leave me some advice or hints if u will to y i feel like this -forrest
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everything is a lot better. that problem i had is a lot better now. and i hav a group of the bestestest friends anyone could ever ask for. well baseball is over until spring. and now ill hav a little more free time. lol thankfully. well thats about it. leave me some later-forrest

all i hav to say is revenge is so sweet. HECK YES!!!
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