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April 11, 2006

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music, movies, books...hahah, pretty vague huh?


the starting line, brand new, jet, relient k, damien rice, michael buble, keane, 30 seconds to mars, dashboard confessional


Fight Club, The Notebook


The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

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new job.....growing up

so...i got a job at Backyard Burgers. it\'s pretty cool. the job is way easy and the people i work with are really cool. i think it\'s probably the most laid-back job ever. the only problem is this guy that kinda creeps me out and calls me all the time comes up to work to see me. i really don\'t want him to but i don\'t know what i can do to make him stop...the other day he came up there and just stood there and i asked if he needed anything and he said \"no, i\'m just stalking you\"  kinda weird... oh! and also...i\'m gonna turn 18 on Friday! i\'m kinda nervous about it..18 is big. but it\'ll be ok i guess. hahah.
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trying to get a job!

 well i\'m trying to get a job. i\'m going to go to the movie theater today! wish me luck!
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i wish i was asian

 i got my hair friend Khanthaly cut it! she calls it an Asian mullet. hahah. it\'s not like a redneck mullet at all!! i think it looks cute!

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next week is fall break! who\'s ready!?!?
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so, this school year\'s started and it\'s not exactly as good as i thought it\'d be. i finally got my schedule figured out and i talked this guy i was dating into switching into my 1st period. but we dont\' talk anymore as of sat. so it\'s pretty awkward. umm...i don\'t really have anything to say except i\'m going to the Keane concert (hopefully) on wed. hope it\'s fun!
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